As a writer, I often focus on politics, culture, and their intersections. Explore select examples of my work below.



Dyker Heights Balks at Holiday Lights GawkersThe Village Voice, November 2017

In Bay Ridge, change, but not hookah smoke, is in the air | Brooklyn Reporter, October 2017

This is what happens when Native Powwow meets electronic dance music | PBS NewsHour, October 2015

A Tale of High-Heeled Backflips, Towering Wigs, and Two Cities at Synetic | DCist, May 2015

The ‘A’ Stands for ‘Art:’ The Welders’ New CSA Program Crowdsources Patronage | DCist, May 2015

Painter immortalizes last meals of 600 prisoners put to death | PBS NewsHour, February 2015

Poet embraces eastern philosophy to heal from sexual abuse | PBS NewsHour, February 2015

Killing Jiminy Cricket: How Old Trout Puppet Workshop Developed Famous Puppet Death Scenes | DCist, December 2014

Weekly Poem: Saeed Jones composes a ‘Prelude’ to one Boy’s coming-of-age | PBS NewsHour, September 2014

Filmmaker ponders married life after ‘112 Weddings’ | PBS NewsHour, July  2014



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My journalism career began at the PBS NewsHour where I worked as a broadcast desk assistant, web producer, and reporter/producer for politics until 2015. Here is a selection of my production work for America’s most trusted news program:

I was outside the Supreme Court for the reaction to Obergefell v. Hodges, and produced and edited the 2-minute setup to a discussion segment:

Same-sex couples gain equal right to marry | June 26, 2015



Immediately after the non-indictment of the officer involved in Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo., I produced reactions from the ground. I simultaneously published an article announcing the grand jury’s decision:

Understanding the grand jury ruling on Michael Brown’s death | November 24, 2014




In the months after the Ferguson protests, I produced a number of discussions about policing, including:

How do communities increase accountability and rebuild trust after police shootings? | February 10, 2015

How can Ferguson law enforcement break a pattern of bias? | March 3, 2015

Will events in Ferguson help define the future of American policing? | March 12, 2015

In the summer of 2014, I helped cover the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, beginning with a segment I prepared and pushed to air in the hour after Israel announced it would commence a ground invasion into Gaza:

Divisions between Egypt and Hamas complicate prospects for Mideast cease-fire | July 17, 2014

Debating the tactics and ethics of warfare on both sides of Mideast conflict | July 24, 2014

What’s making Mideast violence seem intractable | July 28, 2014

Online war of words: To amplify message, Israel and Hamas fire up social media | August 3, 2014

I also produced a number of “Shares” videos – little snippets of visual and Internet culture, repackaged for the NewsHour audience. Here are two of my favorites:








The Flick Shines (Over a Three Hour Run) at Signature | DCist, March 2016

The Cripple Of Inishmaan Falters In Its Second Half | DCist, November 2015

Something Between Biography And Fever Dream: Jarry Inside Out @ Spooky Action Theater | DCist, June 2015

Sex With Strangers @ Signature Theatre | DCist, November 2014